Change FOR Excellence

CELEX was established in Australia and has continuously expanded its LED business in the global market by providing the most reliable, innovative, high quality and price competitive products to all customers.

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  • PRO Series 250W & 300W

    PRO Series 250W & 300W

    Extra Long Life, Brightnessand Payback

    A dramatic brightness withexceptional long life leading to veryquick payback

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  • PINO Series 10W

    PINO Series 10W

    A Feeling of Charm And Comfort

    Paints a pathway or backyard elegantly and blinkly

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  • BONN Series

    BONN Series

    Facsinating Night Scene

    Sophisticated illumination makes the night scene lifely

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  • MR16 GEM Series

    MR16 GEM Series

    High Lumen and Great ColorRandering

    What a superb quality and amazingspot effect

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  • SUN Series 8W&10W

    SUN Series 8W&10W

    Warm & Comfort, GreatSaving

    A best way to fulfill people's needs forsafety, energy-efficiency and costreduction

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